Now that exams and Journal write-on is behind you, it’s time to start updating your application materials to be ready to hit “send” for the upcoming OCI season and direct applications for Summer 2024 and post-grad. Do not delay in updating your materials! Use the time now before you start your summer job to focus solely on updating and perfecting your materials.

Once you have made the following updates, please email your resume and cover letter to in Microsoft Word format with the subject line: 2023 Material Review – Name and we will review and return them to you as soon as possible.

Below are a few main areas of your resume and cover letter that you will want to update:

Header: If any of your contact information has changed, please do not forget to update the information in your header. Continue to be strategic about your listed physical address. For example, if you are applying to a job in Los Angeles and your summer employment is in LA, you could list your temporary LA address on your resume.

Honors & Activities:

• If you’ve received any honors or awards, or have become involved in
any new activities/organizations this past semester, be sure to add
those in this section.
• If you participated in the Journal Write-On competition, consider listing
“Journal Write-On Competition Participant (results pending).”
• If you will be participating in a clinic or externship program in Fall 2023
or Spring 2024 and have secured a placement, consider listing the clinic
or the externship and placement (“Fall 2023 Semester in Practice
Externship-US Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Illinois”)

GPA: As soon as you have your Spring semester grades, be sure to update
your GPA.

Experience: At the top of your “Experience” section, add your summer
employment for Summer 2023. If you are submitting applications prior to the start of your summer employment, consider listing “Anticipated responsibilities” as a bullet underneath the name of your employer. Once
you’ve worked a few weeks, remove “anticipated” and add more bullets based on your actual experience.

Don’t forget to update the first sentence of your cover letter to indicate if you are a rising second-year student or a rising third-year student. Additionally, the second paragraph of your cover letter should mention where you will be working this summer, what you will be doing, and the skills you will acquire. You should update this information as you continue to work throughout the summer.

Please reach out to the Career Center if you have any specific questions
about updating your application materials!