This Monday, March 29th, students have the opportunity to dialogue with Judge Jay Zainey of the Eastern District of Louisiana, and then view the docket he presides over in the Western District of Texas.

This three-part opportunity offers a glimpse into how the law is applied in a border state. Students are encouraged to both join at 2:45pm CT to discuss the day’s docket with Judge Zainey and then move Zoom rooms to watch how his honor engages with hearings starting at 3:15pm.

Attending the entire court room proceedings is not required. After the two-hours of courtroom viewing has ended, Judge Zainey will take questions and hear response to the day’s work for those students who are still engaged.

To keep the events secure, all links and passcodes are located in Symplicity. RSVP in advance.

Event Details:

  • Date: March 29th
  • Part 1: Discuss with Judge Zainey at 2:45pm CT- 3:15pm CT
  • Part 2: View courtroom proceedings at 3:15pm CT- 5:15pm CT
  • Part 3: Discuss observations with Judge at approximately 5:15pm CT
  • Zoom links and Registration housed in Symplicity