The 12th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs: "Is the Justice 

We Seek the Justice They Want?"

In August 2018, the Harris Institute co-sponsored the 12th 
International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Dialogs, which posed 
the question "Is the Justice We Seek the Justice They Want?" 
This is an important question to ask as the global community 
becomes more involved in conflicts around the world, not 
only in prosecuting perpetrators of international crimes and 
in supporting institutions like the International Criminal 
Court, but in offering humanitarian assistance and receiving 
millions of displaced persons. The presentations by experts 
were complemented by the testimony of those who have 
suffered directly from these atrocities — the victims and 

The 13th Annual International Humanitarian Law 
Roundtable (formerly Dialogs) on The Third Wave – Adapting 
Modern International Criminal Law to 21st Century Realities
will be held on August 25-27, 2019, in Chautauqua, NY.  

12th Annual William C. Jones Lecture on the Tokyo Tribunal

Each year, the Harris Institute and the Program in East Asian 
Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences host a lecture in 
honor of the late Professor William C. Jones.

In April 2019, this year's speaker, Dr. Kirsten Sellars, delivered 
a lecture on  The Tokyo Tribunal: China, the USSR, and the 
"Crimes against Peace" Charges, 
providing an in-depth 
look at the efforts by the Allied Powers to charge Japanese 
leaders with "crimes against peace" after the Second World 
War. Dr. Sellars is a Visiting Fellow at the Coral Bell School of 
Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University. 

Under-Secretary-General for Women in Armed Conflict, Ms. Zainab 

Bangura, speaking at a porch session on child soldiers

Harris Institute Fellow Madaline George and 

Prof. David Crane

From left: Prof. Lori Watt, Prof. Steven Miles, Dr. Kirsten Sellars, 

Prof. Leila Nadya Sadat, and Prof. Elizabeth Borgwardt

Roundtable on "Is the Justice We Seek the Justice They Want?"
From left: Mr. Scott Roehm, Ms. Binta Mansaray, Ms. Catherine Read,  

Ms. Zainab Bangura, Mr. Herman von Hebel, and Prof. Leila Nadya Sadat